Drive across the bridge that spans Bramble Bay and the cares of everyday life fall away.

Here, the speed and clamour of the city is behind you...

There's no routine; no schedule.

Ahead is an endless expanse of water, shimmering with the last rays of golden sunshine.

You can see all the way out to Moreton Island.

You could be arriving at a holiday resort.

But this is Scarborough.

And you’re lucky enough to live here.

You guide your car into Landsborough Avenue,

passing the sophisticated cafes and restaurants of the main street.

Maybe you’ll dine out tonight.

You can always work it off tomorrow on one of the many bikeways or walking tracks.

A warm sea breeze caresses your face as you step out onto the balcony.

Moreton Bay is spread out before you, cradling the ocean beyond.

And once again you marvel at the good fortune that has allowed you to call this place home.